What’s New? The Upcoming SAT Changes

  1. When are the new changes being implemented?

Internationally Spring 2023, US in 2024 (assuming beginning of year)

  1. How is the implementation of the Test being changed?

The test will go from being hard copy to all-digital

  1. What are the practical benefits of digital rest-taking?

Perhaps most notably, it will reduce the potential for cheating: each student will receive a different test, and thus would not be able to look at any other nearby tests for answers.  Because digital tests will be easier to administer, testing dates options will increase.  Also, the digital formats will have built-in timers to help with time management and built-in calculators, which will help eradicate the stress of finding and bringing a test-appropriate calculator.

  1. In what other ways will the SAT change?

Many!  First, the test will shrink from a marathon 3 hours down to 2!  The Reading passages will be shorter, more topically varied, and will have only 1 or 2 questions per passage.  A calculator will be allowed on ALL of the math, not just some of it.  The tests will still be administered in a supervised setting, but students will be able to use their own computers or smartphones.

In summary: The new SAT will be all-digital, easier to implement, easier to take, shorter, and hopefully…less stressful!